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Student Special

Student Special

Help yourself study this semester by staying grounded at school!

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SleepGrounded™ Student Special!

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The SleepGrounded™ Student Kit is a great way to sleep grounded and stay grounded while away at school.

The Kit comes with our Elite Pillow Cover that is easy to travel with and setup.  The Kit also comes with a Universal mat to use while studying or scrolling.  An optional Product Tester provides a convenient way to test your equipment.

The Elite Pillow Cover is made of the newly developed Elite carbon material.  Thinner, lighter and more durable, it will ground you directly or through bed sheets made of natural fibers.

Help yourself study this semester with our affordable Student Special Kit!


Elite Pillow Cover - made with the same Elite carbon material. Designed to be used with your favourite standard sized pillow, with or without a cotton pillow case. Fall asleep faster, sleep deeper and wake up feeling refreshed!

Universal Mat - The Original and versitile UniMat! Great for on or under your desk - reduced electrical stress reduces anxiety and fatigue allowing you to focus better and longer.

Optional Product Tester -  - Feel confident your bed is grounded with our innovative Product Tester.

 - 2 Coil Cables (3 With Optional Product Tester Option)
 - 2 Safety Adapters
 - 1 Outlet Checker

Specifications - Pillow Covers
Queen (Standard Size): 21" x 28" (approx. 54cm x 71cm)
Material: Elite Conductive Carbon, Perforated on back

Specifications - Universal Mat
Dimensions: 29" x 12.5" (approx. 75cm x 30cm)
Material: Conductive Carbon 
Colour: Black front, blue back

Specifications - Product Tester
Dimensions: 3.5" x 1.5" x 0.5"
Version: 5.0 (2023)

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