Ground and Peace

April 9th, 2017 was the day I learned about Earthing a.k.a. Grounding, when I watched an Interview with Clint Ober on YouTube.

I was 45 years old at the time, my birthday 3 days prior, and I was, like most people, dealing with pain, managing anxiety and longing for better sleep.  Suffering in these areas had become normal, I was in my 40's now, and it was expected.  Everyone was suffering all around me and the only solutions that had been offered were to take a new medicine or have surgery.  Either way it made no difference to complain since everyone else was in the same situation.

Conversations with friends and family around that time were mostly about this old pain or that new pain, or the latest remedy that would always work for a little while.  But what I was hearing from Clint was that a new root cause of all of the suffering had been found - stumbled upon by chance or fate - and with this knowledge the root cause can be removed, and balance restored!

I listened as Clint explained that Inflammation was the real culprit.  But not by some insidious intent, but because of our unwitting electrical insulation from the surface of the Earth.  I learned that the surface of the Earth is conductive, and that it has a voltage of about -20 millivolts. 

I knew that our skin was conductive but I did not know that the cells of our body have a -20 millivolt surface voltage too.  When we touch the Earth, we equalize with this potential.  When we disconnect, our cells have to try to maintain this voltage - now fighting the electrical properties of the Earth instead of working with them.

It all made sense and I remembered the story of Occam's Razor - where, when two explanations both describe a phenomenon, the simpler of the two will be the correct one.  Grounding was so simple and explained things better.  Clint was right!

That night I hacked up an old extension cord, plugged it into the ground port of my electrical outlet and tied the other bare copper end around my ankle.  I slept better than I had in years.

From there it just kept getting better and better.  The more I stayed grounded, the better I would feel.  Eventually my inflammation subsided and old pains diminished.  Removing the root cause allowed my body to find balance - and of course I had to tell everyone.

I was surprised by the backlash I received from sharing the good news, but I took it in stride.  Eventually, one by one, I was able to convince people to try it - to take their shoes off and spend a half-hour with their bare feet on the grass.  Then to put a mat on their bed and sleep grounded.  Every time the feedback was the same: less pain, better sleep, more calm.

Soon, people were asking me where to get quality grounding equipment.  There were so many fakes, and cheap knock-offs out there that people were reluctant to take the plunge.  Eventually I realized that we needed our own inventory here to enable those that understand and want to include indoor grounding in their lifestyle.

And so, with Clint's blessing, Sleep Grounded Canada Inc. was founded in 2020 as an Authorized Distributor of Earthing® products.  Our goal is to see 30% of Canada's population enjoying grounded sleep by the year 2030 and we are committed to seeing that day.  Thank you for sleeping grounded and contributing to this change in understanding of the Body-Earth connection.

Ground and Peace,


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