Electromagnetic "Climate Change"

Grounding is an environmental problem that leads to health problems.  Just like living in an environment that is too cold leads to health problems like hypothermia and chronic shivering.  Or, how living in an environment where the air is too thin leads to health problems like difficulty breathing and low energy.  Living in an ungrounded environment leads to health problems like chronic inflammation and pain.

Physicians know how to treat hypothermia and low oxygen levels, and they have enough life experience and common sense to see that these health problems are caused by the environment.    It is easy to identify the root cause of disease in these cases and while the short term solution might be to treat the body to help it heal from the damage, the long term solution is to fix the environment (i.e. install a heater or raise the oxygen levels).

Most doctors are not trained in electrical theory so when they see the inflammation caused by being ungrounded, they can only treat the damage and try to manage the inflammation but they don't recognize the root environmental cause to be able to advise people to get grounded.

In the same way that installing a heater would not be a 'cure' for chronic shivering, installing a ground connection is not a 'cure' for inflammation.  In both situations however, fixing the environmental problem will lead to almost immediate health benefits and remove the root cause of the disease - at which point we are left with dealing with the damage that was caused before the environment was 'fixed'.

It is easy to measure if your thermal environment is off, just use a thermometer to check the temperature, we know what the temperature range is for supporting life.  Same goes for oxygen levels.  We have instruments that will measure the air and we know the correct range for oxygen concentration that human life requires.  We're constantly monitoring these levels and have engineered solutions to keep us in the safe zone.

Our electromagnetic environment is easy to test as well.  Using a common voltmeter, we can measure the voltage on our skin and we know what the range needs to be to prevent inflammation.  We now know that that this healthy range is maintained when we are grounded, and we quickly move to the unhealthy range when ungrounded. 

Somehow however, we overlooked our electromagnetic environment when attempting to understand the root cause of certain diseases.  While some people knew that our electromagnetic environment is different when we disconnect physically from the Earth, no one knew the physiological effects this would have until Clint Ober started his research into Earthing,

Clint was trying to find out why he slept better and his pain vanished when he was consistently grounded.  He discovered the mechanism of action, what happens in the body that leads to chronic inflammation when disconnected from the Earth, and he has shown how this does not happen if we stay connected.

Grounding products and solutions are analogous to a heater or oxygen concentrator in that they remediate our environment back to natural conditions.  Once the environmental root cause of the malfunctioning of the body is understood and corrected, the body heals on its own.

Always sleep grounded!


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