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Sleeping Grounded - Start Here

Sleeping grounded means maintaining your electro-magnetic connection with the surface of the Earth while you sleep. 

So how can you keep this electrical connection with the Earth?  Either by removing the insulating layers between your skin and the surface of the Earth or by using a conductive tether between the two.

Here is a summary table of different methods for sleeping grounded for when you have decided to do so.

 Method Description Cost
Outdoors Bare skin contact with the surface of the Earth or through clothes made of natural fibers. FREE Low Personal tolerance
Existing Cable Remove the power blades from the male end of an existing 3-prong power cable.  Cut off the female end and strip the insulating cover to expose 12-18 inches of bare cable.  Attach the bare end around your ankle and plug the single ground prong into the ground port of a properly wired outlet. FREE Low Lifetime
Metallic Tape Adhere a strip of metallic tape across your mattress and connect it to a ground outlet using alligator clips and an extension cable. $25 Low 6-12 months
Patch Kit Stick an Earthing patch somewhere on your body and snap an Earthing cable on and connect it to ground. $50 OK 1-3 days per patch (1-3 months per bag of patches)
Wrist Band A conductive silver based wrist band worn on the arm or foot, connected to a ground cable and ground. $60 OK 3 months - 2 years
Universal Mat Place a Universal Earthing mat on your bed.  It can go above or below your sheet if the sheet is made of 100% cotton.  It can also be inserted into your pillow cover. $70 OK > 5 years
Silver threaded sheets Discontinued.  Cotton sheets with 5% silver thread.   $150 Good 3 months - 2 years
Carbon based pillow cover 2nd generation carbon based pillow cover with built in snap connection. $150 Good
> 5 years
Carbon based slim sleep mat Ober developed carbon based mattress covers.  Soft, 100% conductive durable surface.  Provides a grounded surface for your whole body. $250 Good
> 5 years
Carbon based wide sleep mat Same as above but provides a wider surface to include your whole body's electric field. $350 Best
> 5 years


Always sleep grounded.