Do You Sleep Grounded?

Everyday, more people across Canada are sleeping grounded. They sleep touching a conductive pad, connected to a cable, that plugs into the ground port of their electrical outlet. Why would they do this? Won't they get electrocuted? Sounds crazy right?

Grounding is Safe & Natural

The ground port of your electrical outlet is completely separate from any electricity. It is included in every outlet for safety reasons, and it connects to a a ground rod that is sunk deep into the Earth below your home.

Grounding equipment extends this Earth connection to your body. For extra safety, all of our Kits include an outlet checker to ensure that your ground outlet is wired properly. Also, all of our cables have a built in resistor as a redundant level of safety.

Touching our Earthing products is the same as touching the Earth.

So why sleep grounded?

Sleeping grounded places your body at Earth electrical potential. This is our most natural state and how we lived in nature until our modern lifestyles unwittingly disconnected us.

"Sounder sleep. More restful sleep. Deeper sleep. Less trips to the bathroom. Less snoring. More vivid dreams. Less stiffness and pain in the morning. Easier to fall asleep and easier to fall back asleep. Waking up refreshed and energized."

These are the experiences and reports that we consistently hear, and what drives us on our mission to ground the beds in Canada.

Who Invented Sleeping Grounded?

Clint Ober from the United States unintentionally discovered that he slept better when he was grounded in 1998. Mr. Ober invented the first grounded sleep system that same night, and he has spent his time since then telling the World. Together with a world class team, Clint has driven the development of better systems for sleeping grounded, and for staying grounded. We’re proud to offer the latest generation of conductive sleep solutions as a permanent fix for grounding your bed.

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Always Sleep Grounded!

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