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How does Grounding work?


Knowing that Grounding works has changed my decision making about personal healthcare.  Understanding that being ungrounded is the root cause of rogue inflammation and that burning, extreme pain, has made getting grounded the first treatment option for my health issues.  

But exactly how does Grounding work?  What is the mechanism of action that prevents inflammation?

Our bodies are smart.  Our immune system can deploy defenses when we detect foreign invaders or damaged parts in our bodies.  Those defenses are called neutrophils, a type of white blood cell.  They have the power to encapsulate and destroy.  They kill their trapped target by releasing reactive oxygen species (ROS) which work by stealing electrons from their close neighbours. 

If your internal electrical environment is ungrounded, there is a deficiency of surplus electrons needed to contain the destructive effect of ROS to the target site; and collateral damage of nearby healthy tissue results.  This starts a chain reaction as the immune system repeats the process to clean up the newly created damage, which leads to chronic inflammation, pain and degeneration.¹

I've tested it, it's easy to do.  The next time you scald your hand with boiling water, or get a scrape or bruise, try applying ground to the site of injury.  Stinging pain, redness, swelling, heat and stiffness are the signs of rogue inflammation.  You will see that these are minimized if the electrons from grounding are available, and the immune system is allowed to work as designed.

Always sleep grounded,


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. Photo Credit - The Earthing Movie

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