Flavia M., Oakville, ON

I have been using sleepgrounded.ca products for 4 years now.  I am a clinician at a major trauma hospital which is incredibly busy and very taxing physically. I also spend alot of time in consultations which requires me to be in static positions for a prolonged period of time.

My commitment to sleeping grounded as a therapeutic intervention started with research I was doing to find alternatives to having a total hip replacement in my 40's. The damage to my hip was consequence to a car accident I had 6 years ago.

I was quite concerned when my orthopedic surgeon had given me a total joint replacement as the only option and joint injections for symptomatic relief in the interim. These injections are done under fluroscopy and require some downtime and time off work.  The pain from the inflammation around my hip joint more often than not, was unbearable at best and terribly restricting and limiting on a daily basis.

With John's help, I decided to try sleeping grounded and patching locally around the hip. Over the course of a few days I started to become more pain free and my range of motion had increased significantly in less than a month! I was blown away! As a western medicine trained clinician, this was almost impossible to believe. Looking at the science behind grounding, it makes perfect sense on a physical sciences perspective and on a foundational, formal and natural sciences base.

The bone damage to that hip joint has not progressed at all. My orthopedic surgeon is amazed at how much my gait has normalized and how my joint has not deteriorated further in comparison to the last MRI. I am able to wait to have the hip replaced at a more appropriate age as implants have a 10-20 year lifespan. Revisions can only be done once in the same hip with usually sacrificing some leg length. I was not willing to undergo this at such a young age.

Controlling my pain by reducing what causes pain, inflammation, through sleeping grounded and patching has allowed me to get my life back physically and psychologically!

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Jo-Anne, Toronto, ON.

I bought an earthing mat about a year ago.  After a night’s sleep, I woke up more refreshed and an hour earlier. What’s not to like!

I usually swim but covid has got me back to running and my knees aren’t always happy.

I then decided to use a couple of patches. After two nights with a patch on each knee,  I got rid of all the soreness and pain.  Impressive!

I now know I can bolster my body’s natural healing abilities anytime I want and prevent longer term damage.

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Peter C., Mermaid, PE

Earthing Results to Date:

Friday, Jan 22, 2021
a.m. Rheumatology consultation with Dr. M. - 3rd time he apologized and stated he had no idea and was of no help. I was in excruciating pain and barely able to walk with very swollen heels and palmar surface of feet and hands. Manulife also finally approved my long term disability benefits on Friday.

p.m. Facetime call from John Ruggieri. Instructed me to put my feet on my basement floor. He stayed with me for first 20 mins. I smiled. He commented. My pain was better. Remained with feet on floor for 40 mins with John guiding me.
Pain relief lasted 3-4 hours but came back. Repeated 40 mins with feet on basement floor. Again, pain dissipated for 3-4 hours.

Saturday, Jan 23 2021
Spent 2-3 hours across several occasions with feet on concrete floor. Pain relief lasted again for 3-4 hours. Felt at the time it could be the soothing from the cold temp concrete?

Sunday, Jan 24 2021
Decided to clean basement (on side with unfinished concrete) and do it in bare feet. I literally spent 4-5 hours of straight time, bare foot, on a concrete floor. I had no pain in my feet that day, and noticed a dramatic reduction in inflammation. Concurrently, my hands were becoming very sore (mostly finger tips) as the result of topical steroid use every 2 hours since Sept 20.. Noticed on Sunday that my fingers weren’t cracking when I forgot to apply my steroids (while cleaning the basement). I didn’t use them at all on Sunday.

Monday, Jan 24th 2021
Shipment arrived from SleepGrounded.ca. First thing I did with my ground tester was to go check my basement floor. With socks on no ground. Removed socks- perfect ground! This was the epiphany for me. It wasn’t simply the cold concrete, something else was going on. My fingers and hands were also better, and I still hadn’t applied topical steroids.

Tuesday, Jan 25th 2021
Remained grounded as long as possible. Averaging about 14-16 hours/day. Again, improvement in my skin, and no perception of pain in my feet or hands/fingers. Woke up several times while sleeping grounded for the first time.

Wednesday, Jan 26th 2021
Woke up feeling refreshed, better sleep and noticeable reduction in inflammation. Realized I could start to use my thumbs, pain was not present when pressure was applied. Severe tenderness around nail beds had disappeared. I was also now 4 days without steroid use. FYI- this has not happened since Sept 21st. Normally, by day 4 of no use, I have so much inflammation in my hands, I am unable to tie my shoes or hold a toothbrush.

Thursday, Jan 27th 2021
3rd night of grounded sleep. Woke up with fewer pains and aches. It was instantly noticeable getting out of bed and walking downstairs. Ankles & hips usually stiff to start the day. This was gone.

Friday, Jan 28th 2021
4th night sleep grounded. Same result, no aches and pains in the a.m. upon waking. Thumbs continue to heal. Skin is looking healthy and regenerating on thumbs. Energy upon waking. Spent more time ungrounded during the day, running errands, music lessons etc. Noticed some pain coming back in feet and swelling in hands. All inflammation was removed within 40 mins'ish of grounding when I got home.

Saturday, Jan 29th 2021
5th night grounded. Same result. Noticed more REM (dreams) which started on 4th night but became more prevalent on 5th night. I noticed a BIG difference in my strength on Saturday. I picked up a heavy trunk and man-handled it to the second floor. My daughter even commented “wow daddy, you haven’t been able to do anything like for a long time”. I noticed as well, I could literally feel my strength coming back in a big way.

Sunday, Jan 30th 2021
I chopped wood and made a fire in the basement without gloves on. I haven’t been able to do that for over 12 months. Hands were too sensitive, sore and weak. It was another aha moment realizing my hands were experiencing massive improvements. My daughter and I went tubing at local ski hill. I was able to run, jump on a tube and go flying down the hill. I couldn’t possibly have done that a week before, not a chance! I also climbed the hill 10-12 times with no issue.

Monday, Feb 1st 2021
Woke up from one of best sleeps ever. Had dreams all night. Woke up refreshed and energized. Colour in my hands is completely normal with no evidence of inflammation and skin continues to get incrementally better each day!

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