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Universal Mat Kit *3 Pack*

Universal Mat Kit *3 Pack*

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Three Ground Therapy® Universal Mats and matching cables.

This Conductive Carbon Grounding Mat can be placed on seats, floors desks, or anywhere where you want a grounded surface. It's durable and easy to clean with soap and water. 

The Universal Mat is the most economical way to start sleeping grounded today.  Under a cotton sheet or slipped into a pillow case, it will give you a ground connection and last for years.

Dimensions: 29" x 12.5" (approx. 75cm x 30cm)
Material: Conductive Carbon 
Colour: Black front, blue back
Includes: Three Premium Black Grounding Cables (15ft, 4.6m), three Safe-T-Cube adapters and an Outlet Checker

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