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Sleep Mat Combo (Slim)

Sleep Mat Combo (Slim)

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Our sleep mat kits come with all you need to confidently start sleeping grounded today.  They include an outlet checker to ensure your outlets are properly grounded, a long lasting sleep mat, and a ground tester so you can see that your body is grounded when on the mat.

The patented Ground Therapy Sleep Mat is made of a new conductive carbon material, that will ground you directly or through bed sheets made of natural fibers.

The included Ground Tester can be placed on your end table to verify that you are sleeping grounded. 

This one-time fix will have you sleeping grounded for years to come.

Dimensions: 27" x 72" (approx. 0.7m x 1.8m)
Size: Slim
Material: Conductive Carbon 
Colour: Black
Includes: Premium Grounding Cable with gold plated snap, Ground Tester and Outlet Checker

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